Allstar is a service which generates highlight clips, and Leetify has a partnership with them which will automatically send highlight requests when we see that you had a great round. Leetify Pro members currently get a highlight generated for each of their matches, which means that the storage costs of these adds up fast on Allstar's end.

To make sure they can continue to offer free highlight generation for Leetify users, Allstar created a way for you to link your Allstar account to your Leetify account. This way, when Leetify sends a highlight request, it will automatically show up on your Allstar profile and you can keep revisiting it whenever you want.

Linking your accounts will claim any highlights that are currently available, so any that are currently on the Leetify Allstar account will be transferred over to your personal Allstar account. If you do this before 2023-01-01, this will claim every single highlight we've generated for you. If you do this after 2023-01-01, Allstar is enacting a new storage limit policy, so this will save all of your highlights from the past 30 days.

If you do not link these accounts, Allstar will store up to 10 of your clips, with any clips beyond 10 being deleted after 30 days. This means they will no longer show up inside the Leetify product, or on itself.

The easiest way to link your accounts is by going to a highlight in Leetify. You can find these on a match page if you're a Pro user, or in your Recap page if you're a free user.

Click the highlight, and then pause the playback to bring up the controls.

Click "Claim my Clips" - this will redirect you to and prompt you to sign in to your Allstar account. If you don't have an Allstar account already, you can make one for free in a few clicks right from this screen. You will just have to sign in with Steam and provide an email address.

Linking your accounts will change the behavior of the highlight playback window in Leetify. If you see "View on Allstar" as the text in the button on your highlights, you can be confident that your accounts are linked (see image below).

If it doesn't work the first time, wait a day and try again. Still having issues? Reach out in the #support channel of the Leetify Discord server or email [email protected]