2023-04-14 Edit: We have done significant upgrades to our infrastructure already, and issues should be much more rare now. The last couple days there hasn't been any queues. With that said, we still have quite a bit of work left to do before calling the issues fixed, and some of that work includes taking down the site for maintenance at times (usually done during EU mornings when we have the least traffic). We'll send out a final update when our upgrades are complete.

Over the last few days we have been experiencing a lot of stability issues (site being slow, matches taking a long time to import). These issues are generally happening around both "EU & NA peak times" (roughly after 20:00 CET) and then continues for several hours until the match queue clears out. This is obviously unacceptable and we understand that this makes the product effectively useless for you as a user.

These issues comes as a result of several months of high user growth for us at Leetify, with the CS2 announcement and hype putting the final nail in the coffin for our analysis monkeys infrastructure. Put simply, our users are trying to import more matches than our infrastructure can handle, a queue builds up and the site experiences slowdowns as a side effect. While we're obviously thrilled that so many of you want to use Leetify, this means we have to spend a lot more time and effort on upgrading our infrastructure and overall performance earlier than we'd previously anticipated.

To be quite honest, we're playing catch up to a problem we should have solved a long time ago (and we do have a history of issues on this front which is very frustrating for us as well). Fixing these issues and doing better in the future is our #1 priority right now. You should be able to rely on getting your match report delivered within minutes of the match you just played.

We're sorry about the inconvenience caused for you as an end user. We hope to have these issues resolved ASAP.