The Call to Arms update came with significant changes to the CS2 the demo format. We couldn't process matches at all for a few days, and then after that there were a few more days of incorrect data.

To make up for this lost time, we've given 7 days of Leetify Pro to anyone who had Pro status during the outage.

We work hard to resolve these updates as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, when the demo format changes significantly, it's pretty inevitable that it'll derail match processing (at least for a little bit). We don't want your Pro to be wasted on days where Leetify wasn't working, so this is why you're getting enough days to cover the outage (on us).

We've reimported the matches from the outage, and things should be back to normal on Leetify. Discord or email are the best places to reach us if you're having issues.

Thanks for sticking with us! The CS2 release comes with a lot of unique challenges, but we are excited that the game we all love is getting updates.