Update as of 2023-11-09: The bug for these demos not containing in-game events was fixed, so Leetify is back!

Demos are missing key events which Leetify uses to generate your match pages. When something like an assist happens in-game, we find that info from events in the demo. Right now, lots of that info isn't being provided in the demo files generated by Matchmaking servers.

We think this is a bug, because:

  1. These demos do not properly function in the in-game replay viewer.
  2. Demos on other data sources, such as FACEIT or Perfect World, still have all of the events and can be fully processed.

Fingers crossed, the missing events are unintentional and will be fixed soon. We've reached out to Valve for clarification on this too.

In the meantime, we have found a workaround to process some data for ALL of your matches, including the ones that you played during the outage. We have actually been working on this for weeks during the outage, and it just happened to ship on the same day that Valve re-enabled demos. This partial data should stretch back through the entire demo outage, so you can see your win-loss info and KDA for CS2 Matchmaking games - past, present, and future!

We are being careful to only provide data that is fully accurate in these partial match pages. We can use the current demo files to start guessing at other stats, but the results are largely unreliable. If it takes a while for these demos to be fixed, we will keep working to add more stats to the partial match pages.

Hopefully though, the issues with MM servers not recording all of the game events will be resolved soon. This update is a huge step closer to getting Leetify operating as it should - with full, automatic match pages for all of your MM games.

As always, share bugs or suggestions with us on Discord. Thanks for sticking with us through the demo outage!