This dataset covers every CS2 Premier match that Leetify has seen from 2023-11-10 to 2023-12-08.

What are we seeing?

Since our last look in May (CS:GO):

  1. Mirage & Inferno continue as the most played maps in 1st & 2nd respectively
  2. Mirage & Inferno no longer account for the majority of matches - now 41% compared to 67% in CS:GO
  3. Vertigo is the 3rd most played map - despite negative opinions regarding its gameplay from NiKo, EliGE, and voo
  4. Ancient is no longer the least popular map - 12% of matches compared to 3% in CS:GO

Why are people playing the other maps more?

The veto system in Premier creates more opportunities for other maps to be played.

In CS:GO, players could exclude certain maps when queuing Competitive MM. But in CS2 Premier, the map is determined through a process where both teams ban maps until only one remains.

CS2 maps are brighter and more vibrant compared to CS:GO

Being able to clearly see enemies is important to how playable a map is. These brightness upgrades may explain why maps like Ancient, where low lighting was seen as a problem in CS:GO, have become more popular in CS2.

Gameplay changes from CS:GO to CS2

Grenades in CS2 behave differently compared to CS:GO. Changes include:

    • No more 1-way smokes (at least not these type of one ways)
    • Smokes can be cleared by HEs temporarily
    • Molotovs spread further

All of these result in different gameplay, potentially leading to more enjoyable experiences playing these maps in CS2 compared to CS:GO.

Other considerations:

We may see different results if we factor in:

  • Region - playstyles or language barriers may affect how much players enjoy a map in one region vs another
  • CS Rating - higher-rated players may feel comfortable on more maps than lower-rated players
  • Stacks/parties - players who are queued together may be more willing to play less popular maps than solo players

Does this match up with your experience playing Premier? Let us know on X (formerly Twitter).