After 2024-03-31 (March 31, 2024), we will no longer indefinitely store demo files for Pro users.

If you are counting on Leetify to store any of your demo files long-term, make sure to download those demos before 2024-03-31. We want to give everyone two months to save any demos that we've been storing for you.

We've also added a bulk download tool for Pro users: You can download your entire history of stored demos using this tool.

No changes are being made to your Leetify match history. You'll continue to be able to access all of your match pages in the same way you can today.

Why are we making this change?

Demo downloads were used by less than 1% of Pro users in December 2023, yet they make up over 20% of our monthly tech costs. We are going to scale back this Pro feature so that we can focus those resources on improving parts of Leetify that get more use.

We will still give you demo download links on your match pages. These link directly to the original source of the demo (i.e. Valve or FACEIT), and will follow the expiration policies of those platforms (as of writing, these links expire after 30 days).

If you have any old demos that you're counting on Leetify to store for you, you should download those before 2024-03-31. They will be deleted after that point, and we will have no way to recover them.

We value your Feedback

Since this feature didn't get much use in the first place, we expect that this should impact very few people. That said, we think it's important to be transparent any time we make a change like this, no matter how few people it impacts.

We worked super hard for the second half of 2023 to make sure Leetify can process your CS2 matches. Now that we've made good progress on CS2, we have exciting additions to both free and Pro Leetify planned for 2024. We are grateful for each user that has given us amazing feedback for how we can keep improving. Thanks for your support!