5th place - Mid Flash

This flash from window is perfect for setting up your teammate to peek lower mid, while it is great for clearing lower mid it does not blind players top mid for very long. So, be very cautious with wide swinging.


  • Blind Duration / Enemy (BDE): 3.5 seconds
  • Flash Assist Rate (FAR): 8%
  • Enemy Flash Rate (EFR): 23%
  • Teammate Flash Rate (TFR): 0%

To throw this flashbang (shown below), you need to stand above the mark, match the crosshair placement, and left + right click throw.

4th place - Mid Flash

This is an amazing flash for top of mid from A side and when combined with the previous flash, it can be devastating for T players. It is best to throw this flash as early as possible as it allows teammates to be aggressive up mid and in underpass in the early round. Additionally, it's great for all players peeking mid.


  • Blind Duration / Enemy (BDE): 3.2 seconds
  • Flash Assist Rate (FAR): 3%
  • Enemy Flash Rate (EFR): 65%
  • Teammate Flash Rate (TFR): 29%

To throw this flash (shown below), any running jump throw from behind triple box lined up in the general crosshair placement area will work.

Winstrike used this flash versus MBAPPEEK which allowed eliaN to safely jump into underpass when spotted mid during his push.

3rd place - B Apartments

This flash is great for punishing CT players watching B apartments from short. Combine this with a smoke for short to force back CT players from short and gain control of the bombsite.


  • Blind Duration / Enemy (BDE): 4.6 seconds
  • Flash Assist Rate (FAR): 10%
  • Enemy Flash Rate (EFR): 10%
  • Teammate Flash Rate (TFR): 0%

To throw this flash (shown below), find the gap in the floor tiling, match the crosshair placement, and do a right click throw.

2nd Place - Palace

The palace flash holds the highest EFR and FAR on our mirage list. This flash is perfect to use during A site executions and on equal round palace drops.


  • Blind Duration / Enemy (BDE): 3.7 seconds
  • Flash Assist Rate (FAR): 14%
  • Enemy Flash Rate (EFR): 86%
  • Teammate Flash Rate (TFR): 21%

For this flash (shown below), stand in front of the right corner of the first pillar, match the crosshair placement, and do a right click throw.

1st place - B Apartments

A powerful pop flash that can setup teammates for huge spray downs. This flashbang absolutely annihilates b rushes due to a high blind duration which allows a spray down or use of additional utility to block the movement.


  • Blind Duration / Enemy (BDE): 4.5 seconds
  • Flash Assist Rate (FAR): 5%
  • Enemy Flash Rate (EFR): 23%
  • Teammate Flash Rate (TFR): 9%

To throw this flash (shown below, it's a left click though), get into the displayed corner, match the crosshair placement, and do a left click throw.

Nexus Gaming uses this pop flash to assist in retaking B Apartments in their match against MBAPPEEK.

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