5th place - B Site

The score line that makes this flashbang lineup great is that out of all the top pro flashbangs on this list, this flashbang lineup has the highest enemy flash rate at 100% meaning it will rarely be a wasted throw. Tactically, this is a great flashbang to throw during a B execute as it is thrown from the same position as other smokes and molotovs when entering B site.


  • Blind Duration / Enemy (BDE): 3.3 seconds
  • Flash Assist Rate (FAR): 15%
  • Enemy Flash Rate (EFR): 100%
  • Teammate Flash Rate (TFR): 60%

To throw this flashbang (shown below), simply get into this corner position in B tunnels, match the crosshair placement, and do a jump throw.

Dignitas' theia provides an excellent example of this flashbang lineup in use alongside other utility. theia's use of a smoke, molotov, and two flashes during the push in by the other Ts blinds the CT on-site. Subsequently forcing the CTs back, giving space to the Ts and granting them easy kills on the blinded players.

4th place - B Site

In comparison to the above B site flash, this lineup is better suited for B rushes due to its lower TFR, higher FAR, and position thrown from. Additionally, this flash is well suited to clearing out B site at the end of a round.


  • Blind Duration / Enemy (BDE): 2.6 seconds
  • Flash Assist Rate (FAR): 32%
  • Enemy Flash Rate (EFR): 89%
  • Teammate Flash Rate (TFR): 11%

To throw this flash (shown below), stand by the first pillar on the left entering B tunnels, match the crosshair placement, and do a jump throw.

BIG's tabseN used this flash during a final push onto B site, after getting 3 kills in B tunnels, to prevent smoke pushes and allowing them to safely clear the bombsite.

3rd place - Long

This long flash is perfect for setting up your teammates to peek and push into long without accidently flashing them. It punishes CTs attempt to hold long aggressively in areas like side pit, essentially hitting all the hard to clear spots on long.


  • Blind Duration / Enemy (BDE): 3.7 seconds
  • Flash Assist Rate (FAR): 8%
  • Enemy Flash Rate (EFR): 83%
  • Teammate Flash Rate (TFR): 0%

To throw this flash (shown below), run into this corner outside long, match the crosshair placement, and do a jump throw.

Espada was able to effectively deal with Dignita's side pit aggressive by combining this flashbang with a smoke on longer corner. Allowing the team to push out and get an easy kill on H4RR3 * VIE who was blinded and isolated in side pit.

2nd place - short

Our first and only CT flash on the list, this is a great pop flash to setup your teammates to clear short. It has the highest blind duration on the list granting your teammates plenty of time to mop all those Ts up. Don't be fooled by the lower EFR, when this flash hits, you're guaranteed kills and viable information.


  • Blind Duration / Enemy (BDE): 4.8 seconds
  • Flash Assist Rate (FAR): 9%
  • Enemy Flash Rate (EFR): 36%
  • Teammate Flash Rate (TFR): 27%

For this flash (shown below), wedge yourself beside the weave baskets, match the crosshair placement, and do a left click throw

Team Vitality after taking long control and falling back, used this flash to set up RpK to peek short while he didn't get any kills right away the flash did allow them to push up and score some kills soon after.

1st place - A site

This is a great all-around flash to use, it's perfect when crossing to A site when you don't have a CT smoke or used on a long side CT smoke to prevent smoke pushes and kills through gaps in the smoke. You can see the power of this flash below.


  • Blind Duration / Enemy (BDE): 4.4 seconds
  • Flash Assist Rate (FAR): 12%
  • Enemy Flash Rate (EFR): 47%
  • Teammate Flash Rate (TFR): 41%

To throw this flash (shown below), line up your flashbang to match the crosshair placement, crouch, and then do a jump throw.

BaeconGG demonstrates a great example of using this flash to cross onto A site without the use of a smoke, allowing them to pre-aim deep CT which wouldn't have been effective without the flashbang.

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