This article deals heavily with Leetify Rating. If you aren't familiar with Leetify Rating (LR), here is an explanation of what LR measures.

There are three sections of the Rating Breakdown. We will walk through Rating by Round first, because that will make it easier to understand the other sections.

Leetify Rating by Round

The Rating by Round section will show you how each individual round contributed to your overall LR for the game. A positive bar signifies that the LR formula believes you increased your team's chances of winning that round.

Each bar corresponds to the percent change in win probability that the LR formula believes your actions had. A bar that says +34.90 means that you increased your team's chances of winning that round by 34.9%.

The LR for a match is the average of all of your Rating by Round values. In other words, we add each of these values together and divide by the total number of rounds in the game.

This has the side effect of compressing LR values towards zero the longer the game goes. You may notice this if you play short matches. The variance in LR values in a short matches (16 rounds) is much greater than for long matches (30 rounds). This is because the sample size is smaller for a short match.

How did I add more than 100% to my team's win probability?

You may think that +100.00 is a hard ceiling to a single-round's LR, since 100% win probability means you've won the round. However, LR is a cumulative metric across the round, so it is possible to participate in two events that each add enough win probability to sum above 100% in a single round. This is because your teammates can decrease your team's chance to win the round without you being involved.

Let's look at an example. Below is a round where I received +106.25 LR in a single round. If you're a Leetify Pro subscriber, you can watch this round in our 2D Replay.

Here are the steps that got me to a +106.25 in this round:

  1. My team lost the opening kill, dropping our win probability below 50%.
  2. In the proceeding 4v5 situation, I killed a lurker to bring it back to a 4v4. This gives me +16.90 LR, because I increased our win probability by 16.90%.
  3. My teammates all die and the opponents plant the bomb. This brings our team's chance of winning the round down to 0.97%.
  4. I win the subsequent 1v4, so I gain +99.03 LR (I increased our team's win probability by 99.03% by winning the 1v4).
  5. I won through a Ninja Defuse, so two of their players saved weapons. This gave me a -9.68% penalty, since the opponents have a better chance of winning the next round due to the guns they saved.

Here is the same process in table form:

Event Change in Team's Win Probability My Contribution
1. Teammate loses opening -24.60% 0%
2. I kill the lurker +16.90% +16.90%
3. Teammates lose B -51.33% 0%
4. I win the 1v4 +99.03% +99.03%
5. Saved Weapons -9.68% (next round) -9.68% (applied this round)
Total +106.25%

Summing each of my individual contributions across the rounds shows that my actions increased the team's predicted chance of winning the round by +106.25%, so I am awarded +106.25 LR for the round.

In the eyes of LR, my teammates were worse than neutral, they actively lowered the team's chances of winning this round. My actions not only won us the round, but counteracted the negative actions of my teammates. This means that my LR for the round can go above +100.00.

Rating Gained & Lost

You'll notice in the Rating by Round tab, hovering over individual rounds will tell you what category you were rewarded or punished for. We sum the values of these categories for you in the Rating Gained & Lost box.

This should give you a sense of which areas you were excelling at and which could use some work.

This becomes your total LR for the match if you add all of the bars together and then divide by the number of rounds in the match.


Consistency is the final box in this tab. This will compare your LR values for this game to your 60-match averages.

Since you play a different number of rounds on CT and T side in most games, your overall LR will not be a simple midpoint between these two numbers. You need to first multiply the T Rating by the number of T-rounds played, and do the same for CT Rating. You can then add these together and divide by the total number of rounds in the game to get your overall LR.

Why are my Rating by Round numbers so big?

Prior to June 2023, numbers on this tab were rescaled to approximately match the scale you would see on a post-match LR value. This is a trickier operation than it may seem, though, since there are uneven amounts of CT and T rounds in a game of CS. The same concept applied to the Rating Gained & Lost box; you may have 12 rounds where you were involved in a retake but only 3 rounds where you attempted an opening duel. This means that when a user was looking at this page, it wasn't clear how we got from the breakdown numbers to the entire LR for the match. Furthermore, Rating by Round numbers were not directly comparable between different matches.

In June 2023 we opted to remove this rescale. It was leading to misconceptions around how LR is calculated, and causing more harm than good. The whole point of the Rating Breakdown tab is to understand how your LR was calculated for that match, and with the rescale in place this page was doing the opposite.

Moving forward, the numbers you see in the Rating Breakdown tab give you the values on a per-round or per-category basis, instead of rescaling them to approximate the numbers you're used to seeing for a full match. Now you can directly compare any round from any game to any round in another game, as explained in the start of this post :D

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