Over the last month, there's been a ton of updates to Leetify. We felt it was time to summarize the updates made.

New Map Smoke Tool

Our latest feature helps you figure out the efficiency of your Smoke grenades. Find out, among other things:

  • where your smokes land,
  • if they cover the intended chokepoint,
  • if they block enemy vision,
  • if anyone was near them,
  • and much more.

Long-term, we hope to build this and other features into the definite way to understand and improve your smoke usage.

Click here to go to the Map Smoke Tool.

Steam Chat notifications

Get your matches automatically analysed and the link sent to you via Steam chat, by adding our bot to your friends list. This helps you analyze your matches and get detailed information about your performance while you're queuing up for the next match, without having to wait for the loading bar!

Set up Steam Notifications on your Profile page.

Map Flash Tool updates

We've made the Map Flash Tool even more awesome by adding the positions of enemies blinded by your flashbangs. You can even create clusters by blinded positions, to figure out which positions you are blinding and how!

Check out the Map Flash Tool updates here.

New Match page

Our Match page got a sleek new look, as well as some new functionality added to it. We intend to revisit the match page and add additional functionality to it over the next few months, as it's definitely a part of the product we can do a lot more with.

Check it out for one of your matches here.

Map Zone Tool updates

The Map Zone Tool was updated quite a bit over the past few weeks:

  • We added benchmarks for each zone, which means we now more accurately represent how well you perform in each zone compared to how players on average perform in that part of the map. Prior to this, we just looked for if you were above or below 1 KDR, which simply was too generous for a lot of zones that were heavily favored.
  • Added killer and victim location on the Map Zone Tool, so you can see where you and the opponent was in a kill / death
  • We added labels to each zone which give you more information for that zone upon hovering, to make it easier to see data in areas where there's a lot of smaller zones.
  • We added the ability to zoom, also to make it easier to see the data in certain parts of the map.

Check out the changes here.

New map zone benchmarks make the data in the Map Zone Tool much more meaningful
Clicking on a zone now reveals both the location of killer and victim, to show where you got kills from and to, or where you got killed from. See the legend on the Map Zone Tool for explanations of each icon.

Referral program

Our referral program has been around for some time, but hidden in a dark and lonely corner of the Profile page. So many of you tell your friends about Leetify and it means the world to us. As a small token of our appreciation, you can use the referral program to get both you and your friend 14 days of Leetify Pro when you recruit someone.

It's now got its own beautiful page, which helps you keep track of who you referred, and perhaps even get onto our leaderboard.

Minor updates

Apart from these larger updates, there's also been several smaller updates and a ton of bug fixes (which we won't go into detail about here, as this is already quite long-winded). However, worth mentioning is:

  • Each map now has side (CT & T) winrate benchmarks for each rank (controlled by the "Compare to" filter at the top), so you can see how you stack up against your peers. Previously, we relied on the pro benchmarks for these winrates. See it on the Maps page.
  • All users, even if they don't have Pro, now get their matches automatically analysed in the background (i.e. you don't have to visit the app for the match to start downloading and analyzing). However, for users on Leetify Free, we only keep analyzing your matches as long as you've been logged in any time in the last 7 days. For Leetify Pro users, we keep analyzing them indefinitely. This was a decision we made to improve the user experience as the time it takes for us to analyze matches increases.
  • Added the Desert Eagle and sniper rifles to the "Proper Counter-Strafing" calculation. Previously, these were excluded.
  • Fixed the parsing of eBot demos, which previously couldn't be analysed by Leetify.
  • Added Train & Lake to our MicroDM servers. These are great for slightly larger lobbies (e.g. 6-10 people).