Özgür "⁠woxic⁠" Eker has officially been placed on the Mousesports bench with Aurimas "Bymas" Pipiras replacing him on the lineup. Mousesports have had terrible results during the online era, a 2nd place finish at Gamers without Borders 2020 (A MR12 invite-only tournament) the only bright spot amongst three last-place finishes, a 13-14th placing at ESL One: Road to Rio and a 5/6th placing at the Blast Europe Showdown. Rumours of W0xic's toxicity and his attitude being the reason for this roster change have not been followed up by any concrete evidence and W0xic has suggested that he will release more information soon.

Woxic should not be sitting on Mousesports bench for long, as he is a LAN proven awper who has consistently outperformed the greatest players in the world, reaching 12th place on HLTV's top 20 players of 2019! Known for his high sensitivity and domination on Dust 2, Woxic is undisputedly one of the best awpers in the world. With this context, we will look at what teams Woxic might find himself on soon.

100 Thieves

The 100 Thieves core ended 2019 on a high with a 2nd place finish at IEM Beijing, reaching a peak of 5th place on the HLTV world rankings! However, their awper Gratisfaction has not been able to perform against tier-one awpers. This is preventing 100 Thieves reaching their full potential as the financial risk of picking up an AWP in-game needs to be countered by consistently impactful results which Gratisfaction has not been able to deliver. Gratisfaction is a supportive breed of awper and has not been able to take on the star awpers of the world such as CERQ, S1mple and KennyS. If 100 Thieves want to take their roster to the next level, Woxic is the perfect catalyst.

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Gratisfaction's LAN statistics during 2019 show that Woxic is on another level in what he can bring to the server. Woxic carried Mousesports against the worlds greatest whereas Gratisfaction was carried by JKS and Jkaem. At the beginning of the year, Gratisfaction had a terrible performance at both Blast Premier and IEM Katowice, however, this was at the beginning of the new season and it is very common for players to underperform at this point in the year.

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Gratisfaction has improved in the online era to a significant extent whereas Woxic has seen a slump in form. However, Woxic is in a significantly tougher region especially for awping with players such as Smooya stating that "People in NA don't use flashbangs. I think I went four HLTV maps in a row without getting flashed one time."

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I am willing to give Woxic the benefit of the doubt at this stage in his career as he has shown across 243 maps that he can put up MVP performances online. This slump in online form is a rare dip, which I believe Woxic can bounce back from greater than ever.

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Gratisfaction is by no means a bad player, he has shown glimaces of brilliance and could be a star awper on a tier 2/3 team. Woxic is a different breed of player, a superstar who can completely dismantle the best teams in the world. When compared Gratisfaction cannot compete with the overwhelming impact and firepower Woxic can bring into 100 Thieves.

Looking past the Gratisfaction vs Woxic debate 100 Thieves has the pieces to fully utilize Woxic. 100 Thieves new coach Chet has experience working with European awpers having been the coach behind Cerqs meteoric rise into the upper echelons of awping. The 100 Thieves core have been able to integrate Jkaem with great success, and Woxic could be another success story for this lineup. Woxic's experience in the English speaking Mousesports lineup will help build chemistry and get him integrated into the lineup faster. For 100 Thieves to return to the top tier they require a star awper, and Woxic is the perfect fit for the Thieves.


ENVY as an organisation has looked lost during this last year, with their latest lineup featuring previously retired player turned coach Legija and the core of Nifty, Michu and Calyx. This organisation needs a big signing and fast before it completes its descent into the North American North, an organisation with large financial banking but alongside an inability to scout up-and-coming talent and attract the star players of the world. Calyx, Michu and Woxic would be a powerful trio to begin building this team around.

Woxic and Calyx have a long history together both making a name for themselves in the Dark Passage lineup, which reached the quarter-finals of WESG 2016! Dark Passage was narrowly defeated by Virtus.Pro, who at the time was ranked 6th in the HLTV world rankings! Having played together for over a year Calyx and Woxic past chemistry could be the beginning of stability within this lineup. Transitioning Nifty to a rifling position is a sacrifice worth making to get Woxic in an ENVY jersey.

FunPlus Phoenix

With roster issues ruining FunPlus Phoenix's initial entrance into CSGO, Alex looks to be the first piece of their new roster. With experience setting up star awper ZywOo for success Alex could be the perfect IGL to unlock Woxic's full potential. With lineups such as Faze, Complexity and OG decisively proving the success an international roster can have, picking up Woxic and Alex would be sending a message loud and clear that FunPlus Phoenix is here to win. A fragging ingame leader who brought French CSGO back from the dead, Alex and Woxic are the beginning of a dark horse roster that could seriously shake things up.

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