With CSGO's economy favouring the T side, we wanted to look and see which maps were the most T sided. Using the combined data we have from over 27.5 million matchmaking rounds, this article will go through the CSGO map pool and find the most T sided map! We have calculated this by measuring the percentage of T side rounds won from matches.

8th place - Train - 46.63% of T side rounds won

With Trains narrow chokepoints, open bombsites and hard to clear corners it is no surprise that this is the lowest on the list with a 46.63% T side win rate. Answering the question is Train T sided or CT sided, with a definitive CT sided.

7th place - Nuke - 47.35% of T side rounds won

B Site Nuke

In 7th place, we have Nuke which is becoming more popular with pro players. In fact, it was the most popular map between the top 30 teams with 159 maps played in the past 3 months! Answering the question is NT sided or CT sided, with a definitive CT sided.

6th place - Mirage - 48.47% of T side rounds won

A Site Mirage

Mirage enters the list in 6th place and is the only map released alongside CSGO in 2012 to not have been removed from the map pool. Answering the question is Mirage T sided or CT sided, with a definitive CT sided. A growing number of community figures, causal and esports players have called for the map to receive a revamp as the maps meta has gotten stale.

5th place - Overpass - 48.94% of T side rounds won

A Site Overpass

The home of the infamous Olof boost comes in at 5th place. Answering the question is Overpass T sided or CT sided, with a definitive CT sided. Teams are still honouring Olof's tradition with boosts such as Big Academy's boost vs Avez continuing to add spice to the map. Overpass has fallen out of popularity for both the casual and esports player base and could be seeing a revitalisation very soon.

4th place - Vertigo - 49.42% of T side rounds won

A Site Vertigo

After receiving multiple changes since its initial launch Vertigo comes in at 4th place. To answer the question, is Vertigo T sided or CT sided? It's nearly an even split with a little favor going towards Vertigo being CT sided. Vertigo, he newest addition to the map pool, has not been taken well by the community, as people point to the multiple changes as a sign of a map unfit for the pro level. If mirage is removed from the map pool, Vertigo will be next on the chopping block.

2nd place draw - Cache - 50.02% of T side rounds won

B Site Cache

Cache ties for 3rd place alongside Inferno! So, is Cache T sided or CT sided? It's pretty split. The new iteration of Cache is the only map in this list that isn't currently in the pro-level competitive map pool. FMPone has revitalised Cache, with huge changes in the middle area, as it looks to be the next map integrated into the Esports map pool.

2nd place draw - Inferno - 50.02% of T side rounds won

B Site Inferno

Inferno ties with Cache and is one of the three maps on this list that favours the T side. This isn't surprising as both A and B bombsites on Inferno are some of the most difficult to retake in the entire game. So, to answer the question is Inferno T sided or CT sided. Well, it's a split just like Vertigo.

1st place - Dust 2 - 53.21% of T side rounds won

B Site Mirage

In first place we have Dust 2 at 53.21%, this is the only map in the whole pool that if you're asked is Dust 2 T sided or CT sided, you can answer Dust 2 is T sided! With the recent inversing of the double doors on B bombsite, we might see this map move closer to 50% as the B bombsite has become easier to defend and retake.

Looking at the map pool holistically we can see that the majority of the map pool is CT sided, with only Dust 2 acting a clear T sided map. Why do you think that is? Let us know on Twitter or join the discussion in our Discord!

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