Rank Table

The table below displays, ordered from lowest (Silver I) to highest (Global Elite, the CS:GO matchmaking ranks. The table includes the rank icons and rank names.

Rank Icon Rank NamePercentage of Players
Silver I Icon Silver I2.41%
Silver II Icon Silver II 4.64%
Silver III Icon Silver III 3.96%
Silver IV Icon Silver IV 4.50%
Silver Elite Icon Silver Elite 5.44%
Silver Elite Master Icon Silver Elite Master 6.47%
Gold Nova I Icon Gold Nova I 7.35%
Gold Nova II Icon Gold Nova II8.11%
Gold Nova III Icon Gold Nova III 8.60%
Gold Nova Master Icon Gold Nova Master8.65%
Master Guardian I Icon Master Guardian I 8.28%
Master Guardian II Icon Master Guardian II 7.53%
Master Guardian Elite Icon Master Guardian Elite 6.48%
Distinguished Master Guardian Icon Distinguished Master Guardian 5.30%
Legendary Eagle Icon Legendary Eagle 4.16%
Legendary Eagle Master Icon Legendary Eagle Master 4.34%
Supreme Master First Class Icon Supreme Master First Class2.75%
Global Elite Icon Global Elite1.04%